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Express translation of ingredients list
Service description
LABEL EXPERT solves one of the most routine, but at the same time the most difficult step of import/export preparation for consumer goods.

Translation of labels is not just a translation from one language to another.

The complexity of the process is that every word, every ingredient is translated in accordance with the customs dictionary of the import country and the relevant product classifications. LABEL EXPERT translates the labels in accordance with the current customs regulations and up-to-date practices. We aslo check completeness and adequacy of all necessary label information in accordance with the legislation of the import country.

The main addition to the professional translation is the certified verification of each ingredient for restrictions on usage limits in the country of import, depending on the goods classification and its place in the ingredient composition.

Quite often, the success of customs clearance for the whole container of goods depends on correctness of one ingredient. The negative influence starts from overtime storage at customs warehouse and sometimes finishes by goods utilization. We suggest you to be cautious and entrust this responsible process only to professionals in the field of practical customs translation.

LABEL EXPERT already made hundreds of successful translations that smoothly passed customs clearance. The recommended package of our services includes label approve in authorized bureau. As a result of this approve you will receive an official confirmation with signature and seal of the authorized bureau.

Full process of label translation
Ingredient list translation
The very first stage. At this step, a preliminary translation of the ingredients is made.
Ingredients check
One of the most important stages. At this step initial check of ingredients is made in accordance with limits of use in the country of import. All the preparatory work is important for application to the certified bureau for labels approve in the country of import.
Information part translation
All technical information is translated (information about the manufacturer, storage conditions, production date, shelf life, allergens, etc.).
Nutritional value translation and check
The information translation and NRV calculation check is made depending on the standards of the country of import.
Completeness and adequacy of all other necessary label information is made
Other information that must present or absent on the label of the country of import is checked (for example, availability of certificates or classification of goods, instructions of specific product criteria).
Label layout
After preparing all the necessary information, the label design is made in accordance with the requirements of the country of import (font sizes, sequence of information, special design of tables and graphic parts, etc.).
Application to the import country certified bureau
It is necessary to approve the prepared label in the authorized bureau of the importing country to get maximum guarantees for smooth customs clearance. At this stage the label proceed the final official confirmation. The service includes a claim work and a argument defense of your interests in authorized bureau, because the authorized bureaus usually perform their work only from a "cold technical" point of view without taking into account the interests of the Customer. In case of difficulties on the authorized bureau side, Label Expert will offer alternatives to solve certain difficulties, if any occur.
Approved label for customs purposes
After the approval process, an official document with signature and seal of the bureau is obtained.
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