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Are you planning export food to China?
We can help with:
  • label translation to Chinese
  • ingredients pre-check according with Chinese laws
  • label certification in approved Chinese Bureau
Check ingredients according with Chinese regulations in several clicks.
Who it works?
Why labeling is complicated?
The requirements for the content, design, ingredient composition, nutritional value of food labels vary in different countries.
Even one mistake in translation of one ingredient or wrong font size can cause problems for whole batch up to export/import failure.
Non-stop changes
Food requirements are always changing, so you need to monitor the relevance of labels and continuously adjust them.
Special translation
Internet translators, literary translation, translation bureaus and even native speakers - will not help, because you need a specialized professional translation in accordance with Customs dictionaries of each import country.
Approval / Certification
For maximum safety, the label must be approved/certified by the authorized Bureau of each import country.
Ingredients quantity
If you have more than 10 products with average quantity of ingredients 10+, it is difficult to manage all label versions and you have high probability of human error.
Meticulous corrections
Meticulous work is required in case of mistake or any correction.
Accidental modifications
Accidental file deletion or modification by employee.
Ingredient names
It is difficult to control uniform names for same ingredients from different suppliers if you are doing it manualy.
Expert knowledge
Ingredients check on the limits/bans is a routine procedure that requires expert knowledge.
Procedure complexity
Label approval between exporters and importers is a complex procedure.
Nutritional value
Nutrition value calculation and indicators vary in different countries.
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Ingredients pre-check
Automatic ingredients pre-check in accordance with Chinese standards.
Automatic translation
Automatic ingredient translation in accordance with China Customs regulations.
Nutrition value calculation
Automatic NRV calculation in accordance with China standarts.
Approval with external partners
Bilateral coordination with external partners.
Label automation
Automation of labeling procedures.
Label certification in the authorized Bureau of China.
Questions - Answers
Does LABEL EXPERT guarantee that ingredients and labels are checked correctly?
Yes, warranty is possible. You need to use the service "Certification". In this case, LABEL EXPERT conducts professional procedures for label certification in the authorized Bureaus of the required countries, acting as your attorney. After receiving the certificate, the Customer receives official protection from the authorized Bureau.
Why should I use the services of LABEL EXPERT, if I can directly contact the authorized Bureau?
– To work with the authorized Bureau, you must have professional competence. An example with trademark registration can be as a comparison in this case. You can register a trademark by yourself. It will be cheaper in terms of payment, but in terms of time it will be much more expensive, and in terms of professionalism self-registration without professional skills can lead to adverse consequences, even when registration is completed. Therefore, it is better to work with professionals.

- Authorized Bureaus in the majority are not the client-oriented organizations and will not advise you how to solve your question. In case of non-compliance with local law, they simply deny label approval, at best with some link to certain regulation which you need to check by yourself. If you will ask "how can I do ..." you can hear that " they are not a consulting agency to give advice to everyone." Therefore, in this case, you will have to understand all legislation points of each foreign country. But even if you want to do it, not all countries and not all standards can be found in English. Therefore, working with LABEL EXPERT will eventually become more safe, clear and cheaper.

- It is necessary to conduct preparatory work to make application to the Bureau. This can be done manually or automatically using the LABEL EXPERT service.

– In work process all information is stored in electronic databases, which allows you to use the same information for different labels. If necessary, adjustments must be corrected in one place and applied to all other labels.

- Submitting an application to the authorized Bureau, you will have pay for an expensive inspection of the ingredient composition. But with LABEL EXPERT service, you can conduct almost free pre-inspection of the ingredients, their translation into required language and get links to regulatory documents. After this you can decide on the next step.
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